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  • What is Head Ball 2?
    Head Ball 2 is an online football game which you can compete with players in real-time. Use Super Powers, improve your characters and be a football legend!
  • Is Head Ball 2 sequel to Online Head Ball?
    Yes, Head Ball 2 is a sequel game. Nevertheless, both Online Head Ball and Head Ball 2 will be kept updated for you to play whenever you want!
  • Will I be able to transfer my OHB account to the new Head Ball 2?
    Afraid not. You will have a new account since Head Ball 2 is a brand new game.
  • How am I going to level up?
    As you proceed through your campaign; play matches, upgrade Super Powers and you will gain Experience Points (XP) to level up! If you win more matches, you win more XP!
  • What’s in the game store?
    Card Packs: There are Classic, Super and Legend card packs for you to buy. By buying those packs you will increase your chance of getting stronger characters and accessories.

    Scratch Tickets: Feeling lucky? Then Scratch Ticket is just for you. You can win awesome prizes by scratching those tickets! Guaranteed prizes!

    Boosts: If you want to speed up your game experience, you can buy boosts and proceed faster than your opponents!

    Gems and Gold: in-game currencies that you can buy store products and make Super Power upgrades!
  • Where can I see my account password?
    There is no such thing as account password. You will connect your game center or Facebook accounts and that will be all!
  • How can I get support?
    You can request support by emailing to [email protected].